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Three Cabinet Lines

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Contemporary - Creative - Classic. All with beautiful Stained and solid color finishes in today's colors.

Complete Kitchen

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Contemporary - Creative - Classic. All with beautiful Stained and solid color finishes in today's colors



We can customize your kitchen for that one of a kind tailored fit.


DCKI offers three lines of cabinets with our beautiful stain finishes to our solid colors and newly featuring our must have water colors.


A 15% Spring savings discount is offered on all kitchen packages from now until April 30th 2015, to include a Free accessories package.


DCKI offers complete kitchen and bath renovation services.


Complete Kitchen renovation packages to include free accessories.


intricate custom designs

Custom in short is the ability to adjust within the construction process of the cabinets. It is an acceptable standard for cabinets manufacturers to construct cabinets within fixed 3" increment specifications. But when the need arises we are able to customize cabinets size to the specific needs, the end result of this process is a one of a kind designed fit.

Having a good design is a very important part of a successful transformation and the steps are simple. 1. know what you are looking for, Classic a rich traditional feel, Contemporary clean lines and smooth flow, Creative a combination of styles. 2. A designer brings the space to life in a 3D format and determines the cabinetry needs.

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Northern Maple

Our cabinets are built out of a high quality northern grade maple, Treasured by furniture and cabinet makers for years.

eco friendly

Waterborne finishing

Superior durability and environment friendly.

Bringing the project Together

What is required?

At Daniel Creative Kitchens we are able to bring projects together with our experience and understanding of the renovation process. Our highly skilled craftsmen are able to make light work of the demolition and initial rough in process, Framing, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC when required with all the necessary permits and inspections. The new cabinets are installed and it's now time to enjoy your beautiful space.

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